Qty less than 10 Virgin Honeybee Queens

Qty less than 10 Virgin Honeybee Queens


This is for queen orders for quantities less than 10. These virgin queens are daughters from our top instrumentally inseminated breeder queens, shipped next day air with attendants. The breeders have proven themselves to be productive and thrive in an untreated apiary, and have scored high on Harbo's VSH assay. I should start shipping orders by late April. I ship pre-orders first and fill the orders in the order they were placed. I generally ship on Mondays as I have queens emerging each weekend during the Spring. I  plan to stop shipping mid-June 2021. Enter notes when you order, or contact me if you have a special request. Please read my blog comments on introducing virgin queens before ordering. Thanks!

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    Virgins are typically sent via UPS parcel on Monday after emerging from their cells over the weekend. We typically mail them on Monday to ensure they are delivered well before the weekend and don't spend additional time in transit.  Shipping is very stressful on queens so we take all measures to make it a quick trip to your apiary.  All queens are shipped in JZBZ candy cages with attendants. They are typically shipped in JZBZ shipping boxes and will hold up to 20 per package. If you need a larger volume of queens, more spacious packaging is available to get the most out of your shipping costs. Don't hesitate to email or text me for additional information or to alleviate any concerns. We are very passionate about our bees and want to ensure they arrive healthy and give you the best experience possible. I recommend reading my blog post on virgin intro prior to ordering. 

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